Project Feasibility

A project feasibility study is used to determine the viability of a client’s idea, determining whether the brief, and potential project is legally, technically and economically justifiable. It informs the client whether the project is worth the investment and will gauge the level of support the projects internal and external stakeholders. If potentially viable we would generate a high level cost plan and programme and investigate initial design, procurement and   planning solutions.

Project Team Assembly

Once a project is approved, we can move quickly to assemble the appropriate resources to deliver the plan. We are well connected throughout the region and can quickly draw on the necessary expertise to assemble and lead a capable and motivated team across a wide range of disciplines, including architectural services, cost and programme management and wide variety of specialist disciplines where required.

Project management and delivery

Project Management & Delivery

In managing our projects we apply the principles of the RIBA work stages 2013 This enables us to deliver each stage in a planned and orderly manner, identifying and mitigating any risks and change through each stage of the project. During the delivery phase our responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Assist the client to develop and finalise their project brief.
  • Prepare the feasibility report and Project Initiation Document (PID).
  • Advise the client on the selection, procurement and appointment of the consultant team.
  • Help the client identify their internal project roles, stakeholders and reporting requirements.
  • Issue information and instructions on behalf of the client.
  • Develop the project execution plan (PEP).
  • Advise on the selection of procurement route and contracts for construction.
  • Manage risk management exercises.
  • Contribute to value engineering exercises.
  • Contribute to design reviews.
  • Advise the client on and manage the selection of contractors.
  • Validate payments and certificates.
  • Oversee change control procedures.
  • Monitor client programmes and cost plan ensuring project completion and budget success.
  • Advise on the transition from construction to occupation.
  • Report to the client.

Project Recovery

Projects can fail for several reasons. Many projects fail due to poor up-front planning with goals and objectives unclear. Other reasons may be:

  • Inconsistent and poor stakeholder communication.
  • Misunderstanding of project constraints around scope, cost, schedule, and quality.
  • Poor, infrequent and inconsistent project reporting.
  • A fragmented project team, personality clashes Work Overtime: No one likes this approach, In order to turn the project around there are a number of principals we can apply to realign the outcomes and objectives:
    • Agree with the client a series of short term clear objectives and communicate to the team.
    • Apply additional resources to shorten activities on the critical path.
    • Challenge project constraints such as scope, budget and programme.
    • Re-evaluate resources and consider external assistance.
relocation and consolidation

Relocation and Consolidation

Business environments inevitably have a requirement to reorganise themselves to mirror the service they provide their clients. This may involve acquisition or disposal of a site and the need to move your offices, people, furniture and IT equipment. This is where we can help.

By providing a dedicated service, we will manage and resource every aspect of your move so you can focus on your day to day business. Services include:

  • Office Moving
  • Contract support
  • Helpdesk Space planning
  • Move management
  • Audits
  • Inventory management
  • Vendor management
  • Site management
  • Cost control

We can also provide support with:

  • Dedicated move teams
  • Office fit out and reconfiguration
  • Furniture supply and reconfigurations
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Building protection
  • IT & Telephony relocation
  • Cleaning of existing and new areas
  • Furniture clearance
  • Storage


Tim, I just wanted to say a huge thank you, to you, and your team who have delivered this truly amazing facility. The product that has been delivered today is magnificent, and that is down to the blood, sweat and tears of you and your team. It really is appreciated.

David Redfern
Head of Service – Communities and Communications Wiltshire Council